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Can the Technology Behind Bitcoin Transform the Accounting Profession

Bitcoin accounting, Jan 22, 2015 3:55:00 PM



We're pretty opinionated about disruptive, innovative tech here at Xen Accounting. But can the technology behind bitcoin actually replace what some of our firm does for a living?

Canada Revenue Agency Falls Short on Bitcoin Mining Tax Interpretation

Bitcoin accounting, May 15, 2014 10:36:00 AM



Tax season came and went and those involved with bitcoins in 2013 had the frustration of having to interpret just how they will include their bitcoin related activities on their tax returns, especially those with bitcoin mining activities.

Why My Business Accepts Bitcoins – and Why Yours Should Too

Bitcoin accounting, Apr 2, 2014 6:50:00 AM



Bitcoins. It’s a pretty hot topic right now. For some, it’s also something that’s a bit mysterious and controversial. I mean, how in the world can you have a global virtual currency that’s completely decentralized and completely unregulated?

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