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Guide to Canadian Sales Tax in Xero

Tax tips & news, Dec 20, 2013 3:01:00 AM



Setting up Canadian sales tax in Xero and recording it accurately during the year is critical for your business. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Canadian sales tax in Xero on Xero's own blog:

What are the tax implications of digital currency?

Tax tips & news, Dec 10, 2013 9:13:00 AM



It’s official: the world has started to go bitcoin crazy. It's exciting times no doubt, but there is one area to pay attentioin to: tax. So just what are the tax implications of digital currency?

Bitcoins aren't money, at least according to the CRA

Tax tips & news, Nov 7, 2013 8:49:00 AM



Bitcoins are a hot topic these days. And I must admit, I’m starting to get really excited about them and their future. Bitcoins are a completely decentralized digital currency that can be sent through the internet. The transfer of bitcoins happens on a peer to peer basis and there is no bank or country that controls them other than a rather complex system called cryptography. It all just seems so futuristic.

Crowdfunding has gotten the attention of the CRA

Tax tips & news, Oct 15, 2013 10:01:36 AM

You pour your blood, sweat and tears into your new startup project. You have a terrific, innovative idea and the only thing standing behind you and your idea is funding.

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